Terrie Leigh Relf: Author, Workshop Facilitator & Writing Coach

I just received my first rejection for Walks-with-Two-Spirits. 

Was I expecting said rejection?


Do I understand why it was rejected?


Furthermore, said rejection was a gift as the publisher took the time to provide honest commentary. While he et al shall remain nameless, I want him et al to know that I appreciate their time and effort.

While waiting to hear back, I read and re-read the novel. Noticed several gaps. Noticed other stuff that I won’t list here. I also sent it to a few beta readers. A few of these beta readers actually read it and provided additional commentary.

Yet another valuable gift.

So what am I feeling now?

Inspired. . .

  • To address those gaps I noticed, but didn’t fill.
  • To provide additional layers that add, rather than detract from, the story.
  • To add spackling paste, putty, and a bit of poured cement to fill…

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